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N-LIST Operation

The N-LIST programme under Eshodh Sindhu operates through its Headquarter set-up at the INFLIBNET CENTRE, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

The NSC's of E-SodhSindhu: Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources in its t meeting would take decisions on policy issues under overall policy direction of National Mission on Education through ICT.

Major Functions and Responsibilities of the INFLIBNET Centre:

  • establish proxy servers and associated authentication mechanism for colleges to enable them to access e-resources directly from publisher's site;

  • provide fultext access to electronic resources subscribled for educational institutions through proxy servers after establishing authenticity of users;

  • identify gaps in resources and infrastructure and make attempts to fill in those gaps so as to deliver effective and efficient services;

  • generate alerting services from subscribed e-resources deploying technological tools for content delivery such as RSS feed, Atoms, Blogs etc.

  • Setup computer laboratories consisting of 10-20 Internet -enabled PCs to facilitate walk-in users to access subscribed e-resources;
  • impart awareness and training programmes for colleges and institutions; and

  • collect and analyse usage statistics of e-resources and find trends of usage in different subject disciplines.

e-ShodhSindhu:Consortium for Higher Education Electronic Resources | e-PGPATHSHALA: e-content for PG Courses

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