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F A Q s: Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is N-LIST?

N-LIST stands for "National Library and Information services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content". The programme was funded by the MHRD under NME-ICT to extend access to selected e-resources to colleges covered under Section 12B of UGC Act as well as Non-aided colleges during from 2010 - 2013. The programme has subsumed under e-ShodhSindhu Consortium as college componant from year 2014 being funded by UGC.

2.Who can benefit from the N-LIST programme?

More than 6,000 colleges covered under 12B Section of UGC Act. These colleges will get access to selected electronic resources including e-journals and e-books. However, non aided colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy and Nursing) may join N-LIST programme with applicable annual membership Fee.

3.How do I register for N-LIST?

You are also invited to register online.

4.Do we have to pay membership fee?


  • All colleges covered under Section 12B of UGC Act will be required to pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 5000 (Five thousand only) + GST(18%) Extra.
  • Non aided colleges (except Agriculture, Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy and Nursing) will be required to pay an annual membership fee of Rs. 30000 (Thirty thousand only) + GST(18%) Extra

5. What are the steps to be followed to get access to e-resources for colleges?

  • Fill-in the registration form online. Enclose 12B certificate issued by UGC.
  • Send Rs. 5000 + GST 18% extra(in case of Govt. aided college as annual membership fee by bank draft in favour of "INFLIBNET-NLIST Account, payable at Gandhinagar". To generate quotation for membership click here
  • Obtain admin user ID and password from INFLIBNET Centre by sending an authoroisation letter of contact person.
  • Login at the N-LIST site i.e. http://www.uamgivh.tw/

6. What are the steps to be followed to get access to e-resources for Non Aided Colleges?

  • Fill-in the registeration form online.
  • Send Rs. 30000 + 18% GST extra as annual membership fee by bank draft in favour of "INFLIBNET-NLIST Account, payable at Gandhinagar". To generate invoice for e-resources+membership click here
  • Send list of authorized users i. e. faculty, staff and students in the prescribed format preferably in excel format as softcopy.
  • >Obtain user ID and password from INFLIBNET Centre which would be mailed to the contact person / Principal mentioned in the register form.
  • Login at the N-LIST site i.e. http://www.uamgivh.tw/

6a.How do I get receipt of payment?

Visit http://www.uamgivh.tw/ddinfo.php to generate online receipt / invoice towards membership fee paid by you.

7. How Electronic Resources would be Accessible?

It is presumed that your college is already registered and you have obtained valid user ID and password.

Follow the steps given below to access e-resources through N-LIST: Visit N-LIST website at http://www.uamgivh.tw/ and login.
It will display list of e-resources subscribed under the programme.
Click at the desired e-resource to access its full-text. Refer to the user guide and tutorials for further details.

8. Why Should I Join?

N-LIST Programme offers the best possible discounted prices negotiated between N-LIST and Publishers. It will enable access to scholarly information in e-format at highly discounted rate. It will facilitate desk top access to high-quality e-resources to your students and researchers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

9. Is there any limits to the number of users who can access subscribed resources simultaneously?

The publishers have not put any restriction on the no. of simultaneous users. However, all access is enabled through servers set up at INFLIBNET. There may be hours when too many user would be trying to access e-resources simultaneously which might cost congestion in the network traffic and delays in access. However, the INFLIBNET would scale up its infrastructure to meet such eventualities. Please inform us if you encounter such problems.

10. Our computer network uses firewalls, what configuration do we need to enable access to e-resources?

Resources are accessible through proxy server, set up at INFLIBNET Centre. Ask your system administrator to open up 200 ports no. 2048 to 2252 from communications coming from INFLIBNET Centre.

11. What are the subject covered under N-LIST Programme?

The N-LIST covers all the disciplines viz. Pure Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities including Linguistic and Languages. However e-resources in engineering, agriculture and medicine are not covered under the N-LIST programme.

12. What is the Proxy Server?

Proxy server are computer programs that helps to provide remote access to Web-based licensed content to the authorized users whose access is not IP-enabled. It is middleware that authenticates authorized users through an authentication system and provides remote access to licensed content based on the user's authorization. N-LIST uses EZ-proxy for authenticating users from colleges.

13. Why use a proxy server?

Since most colleges covered under the N-LIST programme do not have IP Address. Access of e-resources is enabled to them through proxy server. Moreover, since large number of colleges will be getting access to e-resources, proxy services provide freedom to N-LIST to enroll new colleges independently. Further, publishers do have botheration of maintaining large database of authorized user from colleges under this arrangement.

14. Can our staff/ students/patrons log in to these resources for home?

Yes. Since access to e-resources are not bound to the IP Address. You can use these e-resources from your home.

15. Can I Share my Login ID and Password with my friends?

NO, The publishers keep track of no. of downloads as well as simultaneous usage of your login ID and Password from multiple sites. In cases of violation / improper use, the publisher may disable your access permanently. It is advisable not to share your login ID and Password with your friends.

16. I am having trouble finding articles and books for my research work, where can I get some help ?

You can download the User Guide and Tutorials for each e-resource. You may also search and browse journals and book titles. You may contact N-LIST officials for any further information.

17. Whom do I contact for more information on N-LIST?

You may contact N-LIST officials for further details

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